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The Water Bottle That Made Me Weep

Sometimes people say that God is too busy with more important things to be concerned with something as inconsequential as the little tiny details of our lives. But this sentiment is not biblical. God absolutely cares about the little things that happen in our lives.

Luke 12 says this:

"Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."

And I've always known that God cared for me in those ways- but if I'm being honest, praying for things like a parking spot or for my team to win a game always sounded needy and annoying.

The other day, I threw on a Francis Chan sermon (you can find it here) while I was getting ready to go and work a marketing event for a client that I have. It was a cute sermon and I kept nodding my head in agreement with what Chan was saying... but not once did I think I could ever live this out.

The sermon was all about how God comes through in prayer. Even in tiny, little prayers that you may deem insignificant.

I finished the whole thing and went about my day.

Well, while I'm working this marketing event... I was the only one in the booth and my throat was completely parched. I said in my head, "God, help me get just a two minute break so I could run over to the water fountain!"... but so many people kept on walking into our booth wanting to talk to me. I'm not complaining. That's what my client and I paid for! Still though, I felt like I was just about to die of thirst.

Not even 2 minutes later, a man that I’ve never seen before, comes and hands me a bottle of water and says “I just felt like you could use a cold bottle”.⁣

A complete stranger. Never talked to him before. Never saw him again..... WHAT!?

And he didn't even stay to chat. He just left.

I held the water bottle so tight, and began to take photos with it before I even opened it so I would just remember God's faithfulness and how cool He is when He shows off. Then after the photos, I took my first sip, and I couldn't stop laughing and crying simultaneously, in front of hundreds of strangers. I felt crazy- but I didn't care.

I knew that no one around me would understand- So I took out my phone and texted my husband in the midst of my excitement.

I mean, guys... think about it!!!! God, the One that created every atom and molecule and the whole universe listened to my tiny prayer and answered it in such an insanely beautiful and tangible way... right after hearing a sermon about praying small prayers!!!!⁣ I know it may seem silly... but this was such a divine moment for me. I felt the Holy Spirit and I felt so seen by Him.⁣ I’ll never understand this grace. The fact that He hears to me??? The fact that He knows me??? It’s something I’ll never get used to.⁣ And something you never should get used to either! He’s such a good Father. He cares about taking care of us!!!! Trust Him. Even with the little things!!!

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