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American Gospel - The Best Movie On Netflix!

When I first heard about the documentary American Gospel, I knew I had to watch it.

I heard about the movie from Lindsey Davis, an ex student from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Upon watching this film, she left her college and spoke up about the dangers of their theology and the doctrine that they hold fast to. Her testimony inspired me and I was so excited to purchase the movie from Amazon prime - And now, it's free for all to watch on Netflix!

I spent years studying reformed theology and always found it comforting when others would speak up about studying it for themselves; breaking free from modern day, lukewarm, "Christianity".

This movie was just that.

This film by Brandon Kimber presents a well researched, brilliantly executed, critique of those ‘different gospels’ which continue to deceive thousands. He doesn't shy away from calling out Benny Hinn, T.D Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Steven Furtick, Joseph Prince, Bill Johnson, and many others. The film, American Gospel sets out to accomplish two important things: to present a clear and unmistakable presentation of the Christian message we know as the gospel and to contrast that message with the most popular counterfeit in American culture, commonly known as the “Word of Faith” or “Prosperity” gospel.

Although I already firmly believe in Calvinist theology and have a righteous disdain for those who preach the "Name It and Claim It" message, this movie still completely changed my walk with God and challenged me to go deeper into my faith. My husband said his life was changed by this movie! That's how powerful it is! The director, Brandon Kimber, takes the time to really tackle every single issue in American Christianity, and he also presents a clear message of justification by faith alone, Christ alone, and grace alone.

The most awesome teachers and preachers are strung together in this film.... Paul Washer, Ray Comfort, Costi Hinn, Sean Demars, Matt Chandler, Jackie Hill Perry, John Macarthur, Nabeel Qureshi, Julius Kim, and more! There is so much wisdom thrown at you - my brain was on the verge of a serious information overload!

One of my favorite parts? An interview with Costi Hinn, nephew of famous preacher/healer Benny Hinn, was threaded throughout the film. Although he had worked with his uncle for many years in his ministry, he has now renounced everything to do with that false Gospel! He clearly lays out how unhealthy, broken, and misleading the "signs and wonders" gospel really is! I love this quote by Costi in the movie...

"Today I hold no positions that are in agreement with my family, the Word of Faith theology, or the prosperity gospel. And the reason for that is, I’ve come to an understanding of the true gospel."

Do you know the guts that it takes to turn your back on your entire family and your hefty inheritance in order to truly follow Christ!? Talk about goals.

This movie includes a straightforward definition of the true gospel and clearly identifies the error of ministries that downplay the gospel. It makes you question everything you've believed from the popular Christianity. It also points out many errors in the Prosperity Gospel movement. Here are a few...

  • “Little god” theology. The idea that all believers are “little gods” based upon a false understanding of the image of God in man.

  • “Jesus Is Only a Spirit-filled Man” theology. The idea that Jesus laid aside all of his deity at the incarnation and did everything as a Spirit-filled man only. They don't believe Jesus was fully God while He was here on earth! Insane!!!!

  • “God doesn’t want you to be sick or poor” theology. Barf!

  • “Ecumenism.” The bring to light the idea of the false unity with preachers of a false gospel, most known as Roman Catholicism. There are so many popular Christian churches that have partnered with Catholicism, saying our beliefs are mainly the same...

The videography work is absolutely top-shelf. It's not going to bore you or annoy you and doesn't have the feel of a "low budget" film. It's wonderfully done! I can't go into any more detail, so I'll just say this: If you have extra time, consider turning off all the other secular shows for about two hours and watch this Christian documentary instead. It will be such a valuable use of your time! I can't think of another film more fruitful or edifying than this one! Don't miss out!

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