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The Verse You NEED To Hold Onto Right Now

My bffs and I wanted to get this verse out there to encourage others during this tough time! When you go through deep waters (aka a PANDEMIC) God is with you. And even if He doesn't calm the storm right away, we can trust that He is still good, and still so faithful!

I wanted to break down this verse a bit for you guys so you can really grasp it, understand it, and apply it.

"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you." Isaiah 43:2

This season has been particularly heavy for a lot of us. Personally, I feel like a big weight is sitting directly on my chest. I actually had to lay three people off this past month, and I've had plenty of sleepless nights because of it. Here is what every day has kind of looked like for me since COVID19 began...

I wake up. I overthink. I pray. I get annoyed with God. I get anxious. I surrender. I read the Bible. I get frustrated with God. I toss and turn. I finally catch some Z's. Repeat.

It's been a reaaaaally strange cycle.

It's been a really raw couple of weeks.

Part of it is... I'm so blessed. I have a wonderful husband, a fantastic job, an awesome Church - and I don't understand why some people are going to sleep hungry every night. So many people have reached out to tell me that they can't afford diapers because they just got laid off. Teens have reached out to me to tell me how lonely and depressed they currently are because they are always by themselves. It's just been making me so sad! I set up a way I could get funds to anybody in need- so if you're in need yourself, please check this post out.

Anyway... The verse above, Isaiah 43:2, has been the passage I send to anyone who reaches out during a hard time. This has been the Scripture I've been clinging to when my heart feels ready to burst with sadness.

God speaks of us passing through waters in this verse. As Christians, we can find hope in that statement alone. We are eventually going to get through it. Whether it's on this side of heaven or not- Christ died so we wouldn't have to suffer eternally. We will find peace on earth or in Heaven, because it's God's promise to His children. God could have easily made us go around those deep waters- but sometimes, He wants us to go through them... because then, and only then, will we grow spiritually.

Symbolically, 'waters' can mean a lot of things. But here, God uses the word 'waters' as visual insight into the troubles we are bound to face. The "deep waters" He is describing is basically the unknown. The scary parts of life. The trenches. He is very careful to say WHEN you pass through the waters, because pain, doubt, and suffering is all unavoidable in this life.

But here's what is cooler than Him just saying we will get through this season. Even though that is pretty stinkin' neat. JUST LOOK AT THIS THOUGH...

He says He will be with us as we experience all of it.

God promises to go through these times of hardships with us. He promises to not leave our side- even for a moment!

The God who created every atom, molecule, and star is holding your heart right now. He is with you in the pain. Even though He is confident that what you are going through will eventually be used for your good and His glory, He still understands your emotions in the moments. He still is crying beside you, holding you, and loving you back to wholeness.

Choose to wrestle through this season with me. Choose to keep your head above the waves. Choose to trust Him.

Love this song! Please take a listen if you're in a tough season right now...


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