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The Importance Of Memorizing Psalm 139

Psalm 139 is one of the more well-known and well-beloved psalms - and for a really good reason. It is all about the presence of God, His longing for a deep relationship with us, hope, and how God intimately He knows us.

As a young girl, I have always battled with anxiety and knowing that I was truly wanted and cared for. Even now that I'm saved, the enemy still tries to whisper how unworthy I am. But just as Jesus combatted Satan during those 40 days with Scripture, I decided to do the same with Psalm 139.

If you struggle with loneliness, insecurities, or just knowing who you are in Christ, then I suggest you do the same!

So...WHY PSALM 139?

Each time I read this psalm, I can hear God’s voice - from the Father I have always wanted and craved- saying “I’ve got an eye on you. You are mine. You are unique. You are perfect.”

It's comforting. It reminds me that even though I may not have an earthly dad, I have a heavenly Dad that loves me more than I could ever possibly imagine.

It also makes me so thankful that I have a God that has my back. Through thick and thin. My favorite part of this psalm?"If I go to heaven, you're there. If I go below the earth, you are there. The darkness is not too dark for you." God will literally follow His children ANYWHERE! We will never be alone!


One of the other things that attracts me to this psalm is how personal it is. Religion says do. Jesus says done. Religion is a list of rules and duties. A relationship with Jesus frees you from that and you're able to fall in love with Him! This psalm screams "Do away with religion. Just have a true and real relationship with me!"

When God sent His son Jesus to die, He was specifically thinking about you. You would have been enough to motivate Him to die that gruesome death. He leaves the 99 and searches for specifically for your heart! Just like His eye was on you while you were being secretly woven in the depths of the earth, His eye is on you now. It's just you and Him. It's just Him and I. And to have this access to knowing the King this deeply is nothing short of a miracle. I'm so grateful for it. Memorizing this psalm will remind us of how lucky we are that the veil is torn!

God Performed A Miracle In Creating Us

We may wrestle with our appearance and we may struggle to feel like miracle - But if we believe the Scriptures are true, then we really are one!

Personally, I sometimes think of my existence as a mistake. I was born in an unconventional way with parents that were never married... But I recall this psalm and I remember that I'm special - That my life is no accident - That my purpose was ordained even before I was born.

Your heavenly Father knows everything about you, is present everywhere around you, and performed a miracle when He made you. You are special and there is a unique plan already in place for your entire life!!

Do yourself a favor and begin memorizing Psalm 139! It will remind you of this:

God's gaze upon you is constant. It is not primarily a gaze of judgement or condemnation, but of love.


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