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Experiment: I Texted The Gospel To 10 People. Here's What Happened...

Do you know how important the Gospel is!? It is EVERYTHING. It's the GOOD NEWS. It's like knowing the tragic day of 9/11 is going to happen, but you don't tell anybody about it... You just keep it all to yourself and avoid going near the Twin Towers on that awful day. It's a gift that you know about that horrifying day in advance so that you don't go anywhere near it... It's the same thing in regards to knowing Jesus. Why wouldn't you give somebody what they need so that they can steer clear of eternal damnation? We have the keys to eternal life, knowledge of what is to come, and a peace that passes all understanding. We have to share that with others.

So today I wanted to randomly text a few people that I haven't talked to in years and just tell them the Gospel. Maybe they'll think I'm strange. Maybe it's what they are needing to hear during this season of their life. Maybe they won't care at all. Either way, I'm going for it.

This is what my text said....

I knew I couldn't bore them with a crazy long text, so I tried to just keep it simple and to the point. We were in community with God. We messed up. We owed a debt we could not pay. Jesus paid it for us. Now, in order to get into heaven, we accept what He did for us on that cross.

I texted people from before I was saved and people that I met throughout college that weren't believers at all....


I am planning on telling this girl that I used to be a Catholic- but religion is actually not the answer. Jesus is! Religion says do, Jesus says done. I'm also planning on sending her this video too- A Simple Explanation Of The Gospel.

It's definitely weird to put myself out there to people I haven't talked to in forever and some may ask me "Why didn't you just text them casually and try to drop Jesus subtly?"... and I do that with most people, but there is no way to casually build a conversation with these people who are basically strangers at this point. I really wanted to just tell them the good news and not sugarcoat it with small talk!

But here's the thing too... I genuinely care about these people. I was semi close to them at one point. So I'm truly hoping they respond and we can build some kind of relationship again. Even if this is the little seed that God uses and He brings somebody into their life in a few years to water it, that's good with me! I just want them to know Him - even if it's down the road!

While I was in Florida on vacation, I met a famous golf player... I had gotten his number about 5 years ago, and I texted him today too. He is very well known in the golf community and plays professionally! He clearly didn't have my number saved- Not mad about it, haha. BUT, I can just hope this serves as a reminder for Him! God is the answer and loves him!

Casual answers like this are still cool! They open the door for a better conversation anyway! I'm PUMPED!!!!

KKKKK RUDE. But it's fine!

Lol "BRO".... Clearly he had no idea who I am. I'm not planning on answering this one. Just hoping that it gets his brain turning a little bit!

I got a bunch of people that left me on 'read' and that was expected. It definitely makes me look a little weird- but hey, if that's my "persecution", so be it! God is so good and we all gotta be unashamed of our faith as believers!!!! I encourage you to pick 11 of your contacts and send them the Gospel too!!!!

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What I thought provoking idea. I am already thinking of who I would text, lol.

Also, I really like the idea of making The Gospel simple. There is a lot of depth to it, but that can be mined out after we have accepted Christ. We don't have to understand it beforehand. I think we often lose people in all the details.

It really can be pretty simple.

Lastly, your website is very pleasant and well designed. Mine will get there one day. Lol.

I think I read that you did it yourself? Or did you have someone design it for you?

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