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4 Tips On Waiting Well For God's Best!

We started officially dating 4 years ago on April 8th! It seemed like I waited forever for my future husband to come and pursue me - So I wanted to write a blog for all the girls out there who are still waiting for God to answer the prayer about their love life!!!

I didn't always wait well... When I was single and unsaved, I spent a lot of my time chasing boys and temporary highs. I had absolutely no patience and I wanted to be loved and accepted, even if I had to lower my standards to get that.

When I encountered Jesus, my ways didn't change automatically. I had to retrain my brain and teach myself how to be single woman, waiting on God.

Here's what I did to wait well...

I Create A Future Husband Box!

I used a shoe box to make mine!!! Each time I was tempted to waste my time with temporary flings, I’d sit there and write letters to my future husband and stick them in that box. And when I was super lonely, I’d write out prayers for him... It gave me such hope during that time. And Ronnie read them all on our wedding night! It was pretty epic.⁣

I Stopped Being So Shallow!

If you base who you like solely on looks, you may just miss out on God’s best for you. Ron had a different style and way about him than any other guy I had dated. He’s a business man by day and a country boy by night- and I was kinda into the all around hipster dudes....I told him that I “wasn’t feelin it” probably over 10 times. He kept fighting for me, and eventually I realized that He was the best thing that could ever happen to me. I needed to get out of my own way. Now I feel like I got the hottest, most integrity filled guy in the whole world. Maybe you need to get out of your own way too. ⁣

I Realized I Couldn't Missionary Date!!!!

Please hear me... Don’t missionary date. It will never end the way you want it to. Stop thinking you can lead the guy you like to Jesus- it’s never gonna work. Please trust me on that. Wait well. Make memories with friends. Serve in your church community. Grow into the best version of yourself. But don’t be impatient and settle for someone who doesn’t love God more than anything!!!!! I can’t stress this enough. ⁣

I Hid Myself In Jesus!

Know that God loves you more in a single MOMENT than anybody could in a LIFETIME. Go on weekly dates with Jesus. I started that in high school and still do it! I spend about 3 hours with God one night a week and it fills up my soul! I dance, pray, journal, watch sermons, memorize scripture. Because although I may have a “love of my life”, I can’t forget about the One who created love in the first place.


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