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How You Get Over A Guy You Have To See Every Day

How You Get Over A Guy You Have To See Every Day

Breakups aren't foreign to us. If you're in your late teens or twenties, you have probably been there a few times. You are familiar with the "mourning" stage: binge eating ice cream, watching rom coms, crying into your pillow... And then you're familiar with the "over it" stage: picking yourself up out of your bed, going to do your makeup, and moving on. It's a natural cycle when things don't work out. The saying "out of sight, out of mind" proves to be true too. It always helps when we block them on social media and live our lives without hearing their name or seeing their face.

What do we do when we find ourselves tasked with getting over a person that we have to see every single day? How do we do this as painlessly as possible?

When I was in High School, a boy from one of my classes invited me to New York City with him and his family. I was so happy because I had been crushing on him for a long while. I went and we had a blast. Yet, a few days later, he "ghosted" me. He stopped answering my texts, stopped looking at me at school, and was just straight up rude. I still had to see him all of the time and deal with mending, regardless of his presence still in my life.

So here's how I did it:


Get out your frustration and hurt in whatever way you can. For me, it was writing a song. I still laugh when I listen to it. The poor boy was only 14, but a broken heart is a broken heart, no matter the age. You can listen to it here. It happened more times in my life than just that one, but this was the first time it happened. Cry into your pillow at home. Feel the pain. Don't mask it.

Use Your Imagination

When you're alone, play out every scenario in your head. If you have to work with him on a group project, how are you going to handle that? If he bumps into you on accident, what are you going to say? If he starts flirting with another girl in front of your face, then what? Think about it all and prepare, so it doesn't catch you off guard.

Be Strong

Don't have a mental breakdown in the bathroom and don't let your anxiety completely take over. Keep it professional. Speak articulately. Show him that he didn't destroy you. Keep your confidence in tact. Speak Bible verses over yourself during the moments that you feel like you're weak. He will never give you more than you can bare.

Do Something New

The initial action after being sad over a boy is to do what I previously stated. Go through the mourning stage and the over it stage... But this isn't the only option. Make your initial action going and doing something new. Go get your hair dyed, go buy some new clothes, go and travel somewhere you've never been to. Distract yourself. Make yourself feel better. This is a prime time for you to pick up new hobbies and to focus on your own happiness.

Pray For Him

This changes everything. Seriously. Once you start praying over the boy who hurt you, not only will God honor it, but He will begin to open your eyes. You will see him as just a frail human being, prone to sin, and you will start to be satisfied, fully, by Jesus alone. It's important to acknowledge what happened and to bring all of your feelings of bitterness and resentment straight to the cross. God will give you the next steps.

No one said it was going to be easy, but I'm just here to tell you that it really is possible. Now that you have an emptiness in your heart because he left, fill it with a blessing, opportunity, or friend. This could be one of your greatest blessings in disguise. And remember... Romans 8:28. In all things. He's got you right where He needs you to be.

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