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Tell Your Secular Friends About Jesus Without Being Pushy & Overbearing

When I first got saved, I was so on fire that I began burning people around me.

I never thought about how to effectively evangelize. I just kept telling people to repent of their sin and accept Jesus. I have apologized quite a lot to God because of how many people I probably turned off to the Gospel. Also, my secular friends thought I was a complete weirdo and a lot of them stopped contacting me. Living for Christ is sometimes very lonely, but it doesn't always have to be. You don't have to lose every single person in your life once you accept Him. You can hopefully bring many with you while on this journey.

Christians nowadays seem to be a nervous wreck when talking to their non-Christian neighbor. They either feel an immense amount of pressure to always say the right thing, or are overcome with shame because they conformed to their friends' ways instead of sharing their own beliefs. In order to create disciples of Christ, we need to learn how to effectively embrace our own identity with confidence and find a way to share it with other people.

Here are some ways you can tell your secular friends about Christ:

Through Your Actions: Your emphasis needs to be on your deeds, not just your words. Be extremely consistent, be honest, don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and dig into their messy life, and remember to always be patient. It's not a requirement to bring up religion every chance you get. Sometimes you just need to cultivate a deep trust with them before telling them about God. Before they even know what an example of Christ would look like, be that for them. Be such a good friend that they have to question why you are that way. Then you can give all the glory to Him.

Stop Focusing On Their Sins: If you see them living a sinful life, don't point it out right away in an accusatory manner. Pray for them instead. They are not going to want to keep hanging out with you if you're always acting like you're so much greater than them. Don't condemn them. Have compassion, ask questions, and be there for them every time they fall. If the sin they are in is destructive, point it out gently and humbly. Pray for them.

Send Them Songs: Hillsong, Bethel, and Kari Jobe totally come to the rescue here! If they are going through a hard time, send them a good meaty worship song. Randomly send them a Christian song through out the day and tell them that you thought of them. Always have music that points to Christ playing in your home or car. This will subtly tell them that you are living for God and that you want to share that with them.

Invite Them To Church: Pray that God will reveal to you when the right time to ask is. Trust me, He will. He will open a wide door of opportunity for you- you just have to take it when He does.

Ultimately, friendships are built on bonding and having similar interests. So naturally, once you become a Christian, the spark that your friendship had will start to die. But you are called by God to keep some of those alive and to bring them the hope that you now have.

Even if people seem to be a long way off, the things listed above, over time, will draw them closer and closer. Just make sure that you are covered in prayer and that you refuse to conform to their ways.

Stay strong in Jesus and go win people for Him!

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