Cause life is just better together.​

Receive access to our private Facebook group, small devotional book, bi-weekly journal prompts, monthly Bible studies, 20% off the sought after shop, access to sign up for personal mentorship video calls, and more!

Nothing makes you more like Jesus than the daily grind of interactions with others. We often think about marriage when it comes to this refining process, but the truth is God also gives us community as a way to become more like Him.

Somehow, many of us have fallen prey to the dangerous mindset of seeing marriage as the only relationship that is supposed to reflect the Body of Christ. It's simply not true. We need each other!!!!

Here's Why...

X Community challenges you to be more like Jesus.

 X Community carries you emotionally.

X Community reveals your gifts and talents.

 X Community helps meet our need for love.

X Community offers opportunities for confession, which brings healing.

X Community meets practical needs

God didn’t intend for you to be independent of community.

Hebrews 10:24-25

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another.

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

Psalm 133:1

How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!

Romans 12:4-5

For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

As Christians, we can't keep understating the importance of real community. Isolation is never the answer.

While being alone may seem easier, we were designed for relationships. How awesome would it be to be consistently poured into, so we could pour out on others? And right in the comfort of our own home?! Does it get any easier than that?

"In the Sought After Community, I feel SO seen and totally loved..I feel like I can come with my prayer requests, my praises, and my struggles, and still feel encouraged. I love the mentorship program and the devotional was SO good!"


- Taylor Bouslog, 26

Introducing The Sought After Community


Your Personal Toolkit of Devotionals, Journal Prompts, Mentorship, Bible Studies, Prayer Partners, & 20% All Sought After Merch To Keep Your Spiritual Life Joyful, Engaged, And On Fire For Christ!

 An easy and always accessible Online Community Group on Facebook ... 

  26 Journal Prompts that encourage you to dig deeper... 

  Monthly Bible studies that blow your mind...

A Small Devotional Book...

20% Off The Sought After Shop...

Access To Book 1-1 Mentorship Calls...

and so much more

For a whopping no-brainer offer of just... $10! (!!!)

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I am a fellow Christian and I know how hard finding a group of real believers can be...

I've felt the pressure to get in my car and go to church or a Bible study. Sometimes I felt inspired, sometimes I was too lazy or busy. I have even skipped some gatherings in the past and felt really guilty.


It just took too much effort for my introvert self to muster up! I didn't want to throw on a cute outfit and change my personality just to desperately try to honor God and His desire for me to be a part of the body. 


Reading tens of thousands of emails from Christians on a daily basis, I steadily accumulated a ton of people communicating to me the very same thing: So many just want a real community that could walk with them through daily life. Not a group that barely knows the real them because they see them once a week, or once every other week.

So that's what I created.

Real believers. In real time. In the comfort of your own home. 

Come in your jammies. With your messy bun. With your break out. You are so loved and welcomed here.


Say goodbye to small group hopping! You've found your forever fit!

This Means You Can...

Send Urgent Prayer Requests Right To The Group

Have Monthly Bible Studies

Learn more about yourself through weekly journal prompts

Add value to people's lives and impact others

Book a 1-1 mentorship call with me

Express your current faith struggles

Find some of your forever friends

Read our small devotional book

Get 20% off a Sought After order

Belonging to a community of faith is so crucial and valuable that Christ Himself modeled it in His personal earthly ministry. Can you say you belong to a family of believers in Jesus?

You have worked so hard to grow this much in your faith. It would be a tragedy to backslide now because you don't have the right people by your side.


We don't just let anybody in this group. We ask them a list of questions, make sure their walk with God is solid, and verify that they share our same beliefs (which you can find here).


This is a spiritual family. Let us come alongside you and walk with you through life!

"There are so many wonderful and amazing resources in the Sought After Community! One of my personal favorites is the devotionals! They invite you to seek God out in a deeper way with simple and easy to follow prompts!"

- Jen Matos, 23

Here's What You Get Inside The Sought After Community!

26 Journal Prompts

You get 26 compelling journal prompts that dare you to dig deeper! Get ready to know yourself better than ever!

Journal Prompts, Christian Free Gift, Small Group, Bible Study

When you were a teenager, maybe you kept a diary filled with your deepest thoughts, feelings, and fears. It’s easy to think of journaling as something that belongs to the past, but it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter your age, a journal is a safe space where you can express your thoughts and emotions, free from judgment or scrutiny. It can even help improve your mental health.


These journal prompts are printable and easy to use! We will also keep each other accountable, making sure we are keeping track of our weekly journaling! You can easily choose which ones you'd prefer and how often you'd like to journal!

Devotional Booklet

You get 15 lengthy devotionals that challenge you to study God's word and seek Him like you did when you first got saved!

It takes time to get into the habit of doing daily devotions. At first, the payoff may not seem obvious, but once devotions become a part of your daily life, you will begin to feel their amazing benefits.


Devotions are a great place to find inspiration in your spiritual journey. Different readings cause you to reflect on the Word of God and encounter thoughtful teaching on important spiritual topics. Devotions also encourage you to spend time in prayer. While each individual day may not seem particularly impactful, when you take time with God each day, the cumulative effect will cause you to grow and mature!

Devotional Book Free, Bible Studies,Mentorship

Weekly Challenges

There will be challenges posted every week to love this community more, and walk in the way of life that God has called you to!

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This Means a Community Group Is In The Comfort Of Your Own Home, And Your Best Friends Are Just One Click Away!

This community of love is meant to comfort the person who's discouraged, to strengthen the person who's weak, to encourage the person who has no hope, to come alongside the person who's alone, to guide the person who's lost their way, to give wisdom to the person lost in foolishness, to warn the person who's beginning to wander, to correct the person turning the wrong way, to give eyes to the person blind to God's presence, and to physically represent God's presence! No one, including pastors, is wired to live outside this community!!!!

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Do you ever have a hard time evangelizing and striking up a conversation about the Gospel? Imagine if you had the ultimate icebreaker to help spread the love of God? At Sought After, the goal of our apparel is to make Christ known throughout the world.


 The whole point of this clothing line is to create a bridge to make sharing the Good News easier. And trust me, whenever people wear these products out in public, they don't have to look for opportunities to spread His word... The opportunities present themselves to them.

Every piece is thoughtfully designed by our small team in Boston and we are proud to say that we never compromise on fit, fabric, and careful detailing to ensure that each product upholds our signature versatility and durability!​

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This Online Community Is Hosted Through A Private Facebook Group And Managed By People On Fire For The Kingdom! It Couldn't Be Easier To Get Plugged In!




"If you haven't yet found a community to join that loves Christ and pushes you to know Him more, you may wanna check out the Sought After Community!"

- Faith Arg, 22

1-1 Mentorship Video Calls

Available For Group Members Only

$50 / Session

I only provide mentorship services to members of the Sought After Community. We will talk through your current struggles, and I will create a Bible reading plan specifically for you! I will be available via text after our session, and will also keep you accountable, making sure you are meeting your goals!

  • 45 Minute FaceTime Call

  • Text And Email Follow Up

  • Custom Bible Reading Plan and Book Suggestions based on your session

  • Prayer

christian online mentor



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Once Again, Here's a Summary of Everything You Get Inside The Sought After Community Group:

  • Access to the online private Facebook group filled with hundreds of believers just like you!

  • A Devotional to push you closer to Christ!

  • Weekly Personal Challenges to grow your faith and test your strength!

  • Bi-Weekly journal prompts to make you think and improve your mental health!

  • Access to sign up for a 1-1 mentorship call to work through any season you may be struggling in.

  • 20% Off Anything In The Sought After Shop

  • Bonus #1: 30 Christian Hashtags That Made Me Grow Like Crazy On IG PDF

  • Bonus #2: 3 Email Templates To Share Christ With An Unbeliever PDF

  • Bonus #3: 10 Christian social media captions PDF

  • Bonus #4: 5 Hacks To Evangelize PDF

  • Bonus #5: 10 Awesome Christian Book Recommendations For Believers PDF

For a whopping no-brainer offer of only.... $10! (!!!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this so affordable?

I know right, it is insane! I really just want to spread the love of Christ and make community easier during this time.