To the One That Made Me Believe In Love

To The One That Made Me Believe In Love,

Rumor has it that we only fall in love with three people in our lifetime. Our first love is said to happen when we are young and naive. This is the impractical, movie-esque type of love. You are continually high on the newness and enamored with the idea of the future. You're more best friends than anything else. I experienced this one in High School.

The second love is said to teach us lessons about who we are and what we truly want out of relationships. This love brings you pain often. It's more of an attachment than any kind of affection. There are a lot of late nights and broken heart emojis being sent back and forth. It's explosive and unhealthy. I experienced this one in college.

The third love is the love that we never saw coming. It's different than anything you've ever experienced. It's easy. It's smooth. Surprisingly enough, you just fit together well. They have qualities in themselves that you never even thought to pray for because you didn't know those traits even existed. Some days you both give it your all. Other days they care about you enough to carry you and support you when you're having a tough time. And they don't hold it over your head. It's not all about the emotions. It's all about the commitment. They accept you for who you are. You don't get excited by the butterflies. You are settled by the peace. I am experiencing this love now.

Looking back, I'm positive that none of the other boys from the past had my true love. They had my slow fading infatuation, but that's it. I know the difference now because I am experiencing real, raw, and vulnerable God centered love. And it's all because of you.

You walked into my life when I least expected it and because I was so convinced that I wanted one type of guy, I ignored what I truly needed. I remember asking why you didn't have any tattoos or an earring. I remember telling you that I craved a crazy and whimsical romance, nothing serious. I remember rolling my eyes when you told me on our third date that you could see me being your wife.

I was a rebel, attracted to what I knew what would inevitably destroy me.

I got so used to settling that it became natural for me to do so. But you fought to change that. You kept a secret journal that you wrote in every single night just praying for me. You asked God to open my eyes to see that I deserved better. I always told you to give up on me. You always said that you saw a diamond in the rough.

A lot of women that find their true love, thank their guy for making it possible to believe in love again. I want to thank you for making me believe in love in the first place.

You see...

Growing up, broken relationships were always around me. I couldn't escape them. A warped concept of how life was supposed to go consumed my brain. I was going to fall into the same cycle. For some reason, God brought you into my life and stopped that generational curse with me.

I am reminded of the story of Hosea and Gomer when I look at us. Not that I am a prostitute and not that you are a saint, but God placed a desire in your heart to pursue me when I was at my worst, and you obeyed. No questions asked. Your desire for my affection brings one word to mind... consistency. All of my life, I experienced such change. You were a constant. You were steady. You were faithful. Slowly, my hard heart became soft and I fell radically in love with you.

Three years later, we made it to the alter. Three years later, we made it into our very own home. Three years later, our nights are packed with slow dancing and lots of laughter. And I promise, you are something that I'll never get used to.

Often, I find myself waking up before you in the morning and just staring at the little light from the window on your face and thanking God over and over for your integrity and character. I won't take for granted the fact that you chose me.

So Ron, thanks for allowing God to make our story better than any movie Hollywood has ever made. And thanks for giving me your last name. I'm so honored to be your wife.

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