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#1 Tip For Being A Godly Partner

#1 Tip For Being A Godly Partner

I always knew that Ronnie was special, but it was on one particular night that I knew he wasn't just special, but truly a godly man. I often think of having a daughter one day and when I wonder about what stories I am going to tell her, this one comes to mind specifically. If I have a son, I'm going to make sure that he understands what his dad did and continues to do in order to lead me incredibly well.

There are many characteristics of being a godly partner for the person that you love, but there is a certain quality that is number one in my mind. Many people are trying to figure out what God expects from them in a relationship- and I did for a while too. Ronnie taught me a bit about that and what we have been doing has truly changed the game for us.

Our Story

Ron and I were packing up his room back at his parents house so we could move in together. Our wedding was just a few weeks away and he needed all of the help that he could get. We both needed to throw things away and organize galore. I found myself lagging way behind though because I had so many questions about the things I would find.⁣ His cute little school ID's, yearbooks, old Bibles, his awards, etc. It was fun reliving what his life was like before me.

Then, to my surprise, I stumbled upon a journal...And this stopped me in my tracks because, folks, my husband is NOT a writer/feelsy type of guy. He always hated expressing himself, especially on paper, so saying I was confused is an understatement.

I sat on his bed, opened the journal, and tears filled my eyes.

My heart could almost burst.

He was keeping a prayer journal for me.⁣

It wasn’t a secret. He just never happened to tell me. But for over 6 full months, he wrote down any struggle I had or any obstacle I was facing and then he’d approach the throne of God on my behalf.⁣ Without telling me. Without bragging about it.

He would write 2-3 pages a few nights a week about our relationship, our future marriage, and anything I was going through.

I was crying when he found me reading only the first page. He was confused as to why I thought it was so beautiful and romantic. To him, it was normal. To him, it was what he was supposed to be doing. To him, it was no big deal. Meanwhile, never in my life had anybody demonstrated such an act of love towards me.⁣ I explained how seen and cared for I felt, and I vowed to do the same thing for him once we entered into marriage.

Now we keep prayer journals for each other.

Why Praying For Your Spouse Is So Important

Marriage is an institution ordained by God from the very beginning. It is a mystery that mankind still can’t fathom completely. I seriously always think of how miraculous it is. The bond in marriage is so strong and so powerful that the devil recognizes it, and truly wants to destroy it and fight any peace that it has. His biggest goal is to bring destruction to the unity of marriage and of the home. This is why we must constantly pray for our spouses and marriage.

Marriage is hard work and it requires a lot of sacrifice. When you or your spouse is hurting...Instead of complaining or taking your worries and hurts to other people, why not take it to Jesus? He holds the answers to all of your questions and can satisfy your heart and your spouses heart more than anything else ever could.

And even if you both aren't hurting, and your marriage is thriving... Remember this verse.

1 Peter 5:8 

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

Do not let the devil devour your spouse nor your marriage. Let the devil know that he can’t have your home, wife, husband, children and anything that God has put in your care by praying daily for them.

A Challenge For You

My husband isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. We stay up until 3 AM fighting more than I’d probably like to admit, but one thing is for sure... He is a man of prayer and integrity. I watch him hit his knees at the end of it all. I watch him always apologize first.

When I was in horrible destructive relationships, my mind would have never even fathomed a guy taking time out of his day to keep a journal about me. I knew it was totally impossible so I never even asked God for it. I thought I had high standards, but I always wanted to be “realistic” at the same time... ⁣

While you should leave room for imperfections, wait for the guy that lifts you up to the Lord, the guy that wrestles for your heart in the secret place, the guy that loves you the right way, even when no one else is watching. That’s who you want to entrust your life to forever on this earth. That’s who.

If you are dating, engaged, or married... I encourage and challenge you to begin praying for them. Keep a journal. You don't need to tell them every time you lift them up, because God will see it, and you will watch your relationship transform entirely and become stronger than ever before.


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