Stuck In Ongoing Sin? I Know How To Fix That!

I've been there before. I've been stuck in the cycle of sin. I've wondered when my pride would stop flaring up, when lust would stop tempting me, and when my gossiping would cease.

I'd pray and beg God to remove all of my sins from me - and I'd feel strong for a few days... But then I'd wind up right back where I was. Shame engulfed me. Guilt crippled me. Sin distanced me from my Creator.

We live in a church era that is heavy on grace. And while grace must be preached and held to tightly, it shouldn't let us forget that God calls us to be holy and to bear spiritual fruit. Just take a look at the sermon on the mount.

You'll find that God wants us to get rid of our sin. The question is, “How the heck do we actually do get free?"

The only thing we need to do is found right here in God's word...

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