Sought After Clothing Line

So... I kinda just launched a God centered clothing line, friends!!!!

For those of you who know my story, you more than likely know that I got saved during my junior year of high school.

My walk with God brought me through many hills and valleys, but in college, I really learned who I was and developed my faith into what it has become today. God brought me through many tough seasons in college, but through those four years I learned to wholly trust in Him, to lean on Him when I couldn’t do it on my own, and to depend on His strength to carry me through the ups and the downs of life.

In some of my darkest times, the Scriptures that I leaned on the most are the verses detailing the story of Hosea.

If you don't know anything about this story- I encourage you to open up the Word and read it! But in short- God told Hosea to marry a woman, who time after time, would break her marriage vows and return the life of prostitution which she once lived. Heartbroken, Hosea is at a loss for words. He doesn’t know what to do, how to respond, or how to change her. God speaks to Hosea time after time and tells him to go and rescue his wife from prostitution and take her back, forgiving her and showing her love once again.

The story of Hosea is a depiction of God’s love for us.

He continuously rescues us from our sin, redeeming us, forgiving us, and loving us.

Even though we break our covenant, blatantly sin against Him, and turn away from the way we should be walking, God takes us back. Not only that, but when we walk too far away, when we wander back into our old ways and resort to our sinful nature, God doesn’t just sit idly by. He pursues us, He convicts us, He sends his Holy Spirit to remind us and reveal to us our sins and the error in our ways.

This truth – that I am sought after by God – has carried me through the lowest points in my life. Whenever I feel lost, feel too sinful to even talk to God, or feel too depressed to get out of bed, I am reminded that I am sought after by God, and His love will pick me up, hold me close, and propel me forward.

For several years, I have worked to build a Christian blog for young girls. My goal has been to empower, encourage, uplift, support and enlighten girls about God’s purpose and plan for their lives. I wanted to create a place where women could come to be encouraged, and to find answers to questions that we all struggle with. I’ve shared a lot of my own life experiences on my blog, and I have tried to be transparent, open and honest to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Sought After is something I have been working on for over a year in conjunction with

My hope is that this organization can carry the mission of even further. I wanted to establish a brand with the sole focus of reminding people that they are sought after and loved by a really great God. My goal is to develop resources and tools to help other Christian women grow in their walks with God, find encouragement through the situations in life we all deal with, and spread the gospel to those around them.

In addition, I have developed a Sought After clothing line which is 100% geared toward making evangelism easier.

How many times have you felt that you wanted to talk to someone about God or your faith but you just didn’t feel like you could find the right opportunity? I know I have! So- I wanted to create a tool for us to use to help solve that problem. Each article of clothing in the Sought After line is designed to strike up conversation.

Most of the clothing features the coordinates of various places in the Bible where God performed a miracle for His people. At each of these places, God reminded His people that He is in control, that He loves them, and that He is fighting for them.

Whenever I wear one of these shirts out in public, I am inevitably asked what the coordinates on my shirt represent. These sweaters and tanks have ended up leading me into some really great conversations.

After all of the time that I have spent praying about this and working on getting everything ready to launch, I am so excited that the time has come to really start building this community of believers. I hope that you will come along for the ride, send me your thoughts and feedback, and spend some time praying for this ministry, and for the people who its reaching. If even one person is impacted for the Kingdom through any of this, then it was all so worth it. I pray more than anything that you are blessed by these resources. Cannot wait to see what God has in store!

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