Life Update! We've Moved!!!!

We moved from our first little apartment, to our first little home that we helped BUILD! If you are at all confused by this, let me explain... :)

Ron's parents built an addition to their beautiful home for his grandma a few years ago! Ron's mom asked us for our opinion on the flooring, appliances, and finishes throughout this home, and we were so happy to give our style preferences, though we were never planning on living in it.

A few months ago, his grandma took a horrible fall and is now living in a nursing home. Our lease on our apartment was ending, and this little home was completely vacant AND already looked like our mini dream home! It has gorgeous hardwood, a ton of natural light, granite countertops, a washer and dryer, a walk in closet, and a MASSIVE shower that could probably fit 4 people in there! So we took the leap and moved here!!!!! It's our temporary home UNTIL we build our forever home in a few years :)

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