Fun Quarantine Date Ideas!!!!

If you're like us, you're probably both going a little stir crazy right about now...

Although the coronavirus has pretty much canceled everything... Ronnie and I were determined not to let this quarantine cancel our date nights... Here is how we have been continuing our time together, even in the midst of this chaos....I hope you can take away some clever ideas for you too!!!!

1. Have a PHOTOSHOOT!!!!

Ron hates when I make him do this- but then when we have the photos, he's so thankful that we did! We take out my ring light and take photos of each other and selfies together!

2. Take the enneagram test and learn more about each other!

This has seriously changed our relationship! I am a 4 and he is a 3 :) We love reading a bunch of articles about what this means and how we compliment each other! Take it with the link below!

3. Cook an adventurous meal

We tried a meatloaf! Ronnie loved it- I could take it or leave it... but it was a nice bonding time. Plus, we spontaneously danced around the kitchen to Ed Sheeran and that was pretty sweet!

4. Binge watch a show

We love watching .... 1. This Is Us... 2. The Office... 3. Little Fires Everywhere. 4. Jane The Virgin... He doesn't mind what we watch- he's so easygoing and I love that! But snuggling up and just turning our minds off is so needed.

5. Get your Bible study on!!!!

We pulled out our Bibles the other day and did a whole study on Look At The Book by John Piper via Youtube- It was so cool! It was awesome to learn more about Jesus together.

6. Write mail to the people that need some love

We wrote 18 little cards the other day and sent them to some people in our church and some old friends that we knew were having a tough time! It's a sweet way to spend down time!

7. Build a fort and watch a sermon together

Ronnie is the KING of forts. He builds the coolest ones in our little living room! We always watch a Francis Chan sermon in there and wind up falling asleep!

8. Get your work out on!

Worst part about this quarantine? Not having a gym to go to... Ron and I will lift weights together and go on nightly runs! I'd hate doing it without a partner. But also, it's a great way to stay connected too!

9. Do spa treatments!!!

Put facemasks on!!!! Give yourself manicures! Whiten your teeth! It's so relaxing!

10. Have a game night

We love playing skippo or stratego together. It can easily get intense, but we have fun doing it!

11. Make a fancy drink and make art

We love drinking eggnog off season, or making yummy ice cream sodas, and we sit together and color, or make a puzzle, or do an "abstract" painting - It's humorous but makes for good conversation!

12. Indoor camping!

No joke! Make smores, put a fake fire on your TV, and get cozy!

13. Massage night

Get out a robe and oils and give each other massages!!!

14. Backyard picnic!

Ron and I haven't done this one yet but we want to! Make a cute little lunch and use fancy cups, and sit on a blanket and enjoy the nice weather with your love!

15. Give An In-Depth Lesson

Take turns teaching each other about one of your favorite subjects or hobbies! Ron teaches me about sports usually, and I teach him about poetry and literature!!!

Let's Stay Connected!

© 2020 by Jonni Nicole Parsons