5 Prayers For When You're Feeling Alone

It is very common for our generation to feel lonely. Our society has become increasingly reliant on instant gratification and obsessed with getting attention. Because of the online world, we have forgotten how to get in our cars and drive to see one another and do life together. We are getting lazy which leads to idle time. Idle time means that the enemy can strike at any moment (Proverbs 16:27).

Obviously, there are other factors to the loneliness of today. Many young girls will reach out to me when major life transitions are happening in their life. For example... Moving away to a new place, going through a breakup, or even something as simple as starting a new school or job. We have seasons and times when we feel more lonely, but it is in these moments that we need to remember not to turn to our social media, but instead turn to God.

It's important that we recognize when we are feeling this way so that we are not weak to the fiery darts that the evil one may throw our way. Below I have written out some prayers to pray when you feel lonesome. I broke them down by different topics that girls have reached out to me about...

For the girl who is living alone for the first time

(Relatable...I didn't have a roommate my senior year of college. It was surprisingly really difficult. So, just know that you are not alone in this feeling.)


I am in a new place where life can be overwhelming and scary. I feel sad and alone, but I know that You are a God who will always be here and will always guide me. I ask that in this time of loneliness you would intercede and cover my heart in your love. Let me feel your presence and help me to remember that you are always here and you will never leave my side. Help me to thirst for your Word and help me hunger to spend time with you. I trust your plans in this new place, and I am giving my worry and loneliness to you.

Amen .

For the girl who is going through a breakup

(Relatable... I had two major boyfriends before my husband and both broke up with me. I missed classes, lost confidence, and it was extremely hard. You're not on your own feeling this way.)


This is a hard time for me right now. My heart is heavy and I am in a season where I feel alone. I pray that through this time you cover me and hold me with your hands. I pray that I remember to look to you, rather than to the world in my time of sadness. I pray that every decision I make in this time is reflective of your heart. Lord, help to ease my pain and help me to remember that there are people (mentors, friends, family, etc) who want to rally around me and support me through this time. Give me peace of mind and take the troubled feeling from my heart, God. Help me to rest in you and turn to you for all things.

I love you, Lord.


For the girl who feels left out or forgotten

(Relatable... I was horribly bullied during high school. It still affects me today. You're not on your own feeling this way.)


I am lonely right now. I feel alone and forgotten by my friends/peers. It is in these moments that I know the enemy preys on my emotions and my vulnerable feelings, but God, I pray that you help me to remain strong. Help me to not be influenced by sadness and jealousy and let me instead be reminded of your CONSTANT love! You created me as yours, and you will never abandon me or forget me. Allow me to remember these truths in moments when I am weak and cannot remember them myself. I love you Father, thank you for always being the mighty protector who is so very caring in all things.


For the girl who is experiencing life transition (such as post college or marriage):

(Relatable...I just graduated college and got married too. I'm still getting used to this crazy transition. You're not on your own feeling this way.)


I am in a season of life where things are brand new, and honestly, they are kind of overwhelming. I know that what you have in store for my life is beautiful and full of your promises. However, in this season where things are uncertain and I am away from what is familiar, I pray that I stay grounded in you. Help me to remember that my loneliness, anxiety, and overwhelming feeling is only temporary. I pray that you bring someone into my life who can help mentor and guide me through these transitions, and can sprinkle some wisdom into my life. I pray Lord, that I stay consistent in my times of journaling, reading, and praying, because I know that I am closest to you when I am doing these things.

I love you,


For the girl experiencing general loneliness

(Relatable...we all go through seasons of general loneliness that can be caused by many different things. You're not on your own feeling this way.)


I feel lonely. I am not sure why, but I do. Please help me to be reminded of the people in my life who love and care for me. Help me not to turn to social media in these times, rather help me to turn to you. God, I pray that I focus solely on your Word and on your Truth and that I always remember what scripture says. Lord, help me to remember Psalm 28:7 , which says,

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.” Help me to remember your truths! You have already helped me in so many ways… and will always continue to help me. You are a good Father and I will remain faithful to you in my times of hardship. Thank you for who you are.


I hope these prayers can aid you through whatever season or scenario you are in right now! Remember that the Lord is always there and He is walking with you through every aspect of life. Turn to Him and remember that you are never alone!

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