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5 Christian Books That Changed My Life!

As an avid book lover, I’m often asked for – and interested in – good book recommendations. I decided to make a list of the top 5 Christian books that have changed my life (other than the Bible). I’ve read a lot of good books, so this was hard!

I know the cover looks pretty corny, but this book is amazing. It's a modern day version of the book of Hosea. It's perfect for anyone that's going through heartbreak. It helped me also to really understand the book of Hosea and God's relentless pursuit over the church!

This book was life changing! I read this when going through a few marriage troubles and I feel like God used this book to heal me. Instead of looking to my husband or anything earthly for satisfaction, it reminded me that they will always fail me, and only God will fulfill me. This book would be great for any young girl facing rejection.

If you'd like to be convicted, this book is for you! It highlights Christ, the cross, and our sin. This book changed my outlook and actually made me apply the Word to my life in ways I didn't know were possible!

This is my favorite pastor! I read this when I began following Jesus and it made me take my faith seriously. If you want to be on fire for God or rekindle your relationship with Him, get this.


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