Pssst... I Know Why You Aren't Growing On Instagram

Isn’t it defeating? You write so many posts, you take so much time to make such beautiful pictures, yet, nothing is changing. In fact, you may even be losing followers... Trust me, I get it. I have been there, and I know just how frustrating it can be when you have a blog or idea, and it seems like nothing is working.

But can I tell you a little secret?

I really do know why it's happening to you.

Once I figured this out, it has changed the way my account has grown. Just look at the photo on the left. My account gained over 300 new followers, all organically in just under a week. If you look at the photo below on the right, you will see that I also had over 238,000 impressions in just one week.

What would you say if I told you that growing social media has more to do with connecting with people and getting to know them, then the numerous posts that you feel need to be posted at specific times?

Now, a consistent posting schedule is a big deal, but the moment I started using more time to connect with fellow Instagrammers VS. the time I was taking to make content and share it, I knew I was onto something.

Social media is all about relationships, and the more you realize that, and the more you work on growing your relationships rather than growing your numbers, the more you are going to see everything change. I know, because when I decided to start blogging, I was at a measly little number of 4,000 followers, which was mostly my high school and college friends.

Then when I was starting to get serious about growing my account, I joined a private comment/like POD with 10 other girls. We all followed each other and began helping each other get introduced to new niches. They would share my posts, I would share theirs, we would do giveaways, and soon enough, I was gaining more and more followers.

The problem we have as influencers who are trying to grow is this: We just see those people as followers. As numbers. As statistics. That's it. Eventually, they are either going to unfollow you if you don't post something that they like or they aren't going to care one bit what you post.

Once I realized this, I did something about it.

I started reaching out. I replied to every single comment on my photos. I messaged new followers and asked them to tell me about themselves. I went on random pages and hyped people up. I consistently gave away little e-gift cards to Starbucks. I took time to really invest in the people following along on my journey.

People began noticing that, and found me... well... genuine.

It was such a blessing because not only did I keep those followers on my account, but I've been so blessed by new friends all over the world and in different walks of life. Having friends, instead of followers, will enable people to comment more, message you more, watch more of your stories, etc.

So, who do you see posting on your feed that you would love to get to know more? Who has such great stories that you always watch but never reply to? Go through the people that like your photos all the time and send them a message. Skype with them. Become pen pals.

No - I'm not kidding.

Sometimes it's hard. I'll have 100+ DM's and I'll be so overwhelmed when having to go through them all, but I make it a priority. Not because I want to just keep growing my account, though that's a reason, but it's because I see them as much more than just a selfish gain. Each week I take about four hours and answer each and every message people send me.

You can utilize and try out so many methods on your account, but it really isn't as complicated as it seems. The whole thing is about building relationships.

Nothing is in it for me. Nothing should be in it for you. Build a community, and genuinely support each other through out this time. Don't bombard them asking them to sign up for anything or to buy anything from you. As you grow in your relationship and earn their trust, they will naturally be there for you and do what it takes to help you succeed.

Shift your mind from wanting fame and surface level friendships, to wanting deep and meaningful connections with people all around the world.

Let's take social media to a new level. A wholesome level.

You with me?

Let's Stay Connected!

© 2020 by Jonni Nicole Parsons