Embracing Your Skin Even When It's Not Perfect

Perfectionism is an epidemic that the internet and social media have made possible. We see how supposedly "perfect" everyone's life is and we compare ours to theirs. One thing we compare way too often is our looks. We notice their texture-free bodies in a bathing suit, we notice how they don't have bags under their eyes, and we notice that there isn't a hint of acne on their face. And though we know that Facetune and Photoshop is an available tool for every one of those people, our brains still tell us that something is wrong with us if we don't resemble them.

I have dealt with hormonal acne for years and it stinks. It holds me back from walking places where there is a lot of light and it has the power to break my heart every time I look into a mirror. Recently, I noticed how much it was actually taking over my time and energy. Though my acne isn't severe, it was still controlling my life. So, I went on a mission to embrace my skin and you can too!!!

Unfollow: The first thing that you should do is unfollow any account that makes you insecure. This is not running away from the problem, this is simply protecting yourself against straight up lies. Their skin really isn't that perfect. Everyone has either pores, birthmarks, or scars on their face. Be strong enough to stop obsessing with people that edit and enhance their photos and cut them out for good.

Appear Confident: Whenever you are in front of a lot of people or even if you are just talking with somebody, fake it till you make it. Make eye contact, speak loudly, and radiate strength. I've learned that a lot of the time, feelings follow my actions. When I stand up straight and act like a put together person, I feel like one too- acne or not.

Confide In Mentors: Confessing your insecurities regarding your face is pretty embarrassing and super vulnerable. When confessing to your mentor though, they can come along side you and help you. They will listen to your heart, help you look up solutions to your insecurities, and pray hard with you.

Get To The Root Of The Problem: The reason why you don't truly feel beautiful isn't because of the imperfections on your face. It's because you don't truly believe that God finds you so incredibly worthy. Spend time in your Word, write affirmations all over your mirror, and fully understand and know that you were bought at such a high price.

Leave Home Without Makeup: Instead of spending so much time trying to make yourself someone you're not, go out beyond the shores of your faith and leave your house without makeup on. There isn't really much to say other than, do it. Take the leap.

I am guilty of putting excessive emphasis on my own physical appearance, but I am sure that these struggles can lead to undeniable blessings. Learning to embrace my flaws on this journey has taught me about God and about myself in more ways than one. I have truly been learning to love myself. I have become very intentional and sensitive to my emotional, physical, and spiritual health while on this journey.

Who says that acne makes you ugly anyway? Let's make being confident the newest beauty trend.

ALSO - I've been getting a few questions on what I've used to heal some acne scars and break outs! Here is a photo of everything that I use!!!!

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