My Own Spiritual Gifts & The Importance Of Learning Yours

Spiritual gifts need to be more emphasized by the church than they are now. The same way secular people go out of their way to find what skills they have and work on perfecting those skills, Christians should do the same thing in regards to the spiritual skills that God has entrusted them with!

If we want to make the biggest difference for the Kingdom of God, then it is crucial that we understand our gifts and how they function best in society.

In 1 Corinthians, Paul mentions these gifts:

  • Faith

  • Prophesy

  • Serving

  • Teaching

  • Encouraging

  • Workings of miracles

  • Speaking in tongues

  • Discernment

  • Interpretation of tongues

  • Helping

Spiritual gifts were given to us so that we can meet needs and help others. He emphasizes that we are of the same body, but we are different parts. Which means, we are all a vital part of the body but we are still all very unique.

I want to break down each of these gifts for you. Maybe you can find where you are spiritually gifted and you can touch more people than you could have ever imagined! You can also take this very helpful free quiz

Faith : Every Christian professes to have faith in God but the gift of faith is when you remain confident in God and His promises, without ever being shaken. It is when you pray so confidently that miracles happen.

Prophecy : Also known as "speaking forth.” To prophesy is to tell others what the will of God is, to interpret the Bible and purposes of God, and influence others.

Serving : This gift is for being of service and for practically helping those in need.

Teaching : This gift involves the in depth study and proclamation of the Word of God. Usually pastors have this gift! Encouraging : If you love building others up, strengthening weak faith, or comforting others while they go through trials- then this is you.

Miraculous powers : This is a temporary gift only given by God. This gift was exhibited by Paul (Acts 19:11-12), Peter (Acts 3:6), and Stephen (Acts 6:8).

Discernment : Certain people can determine what is from God and what is from the enemy. Jesus said many would come in His name and would deceive many, but people with discernment can protect the church from these people.

Speaking in tongues : This gift authenticates the message of the gospel and whoever has this gift has a personal prayer language with God. Interpretation of tongues : A person with the gift of interpreting tongues could understand what a tongues-speaker was saying even though he did not know the language that was being spoken.

Mercy : The gift of mercy is obvious in those who are compassionate toward others who are in distress. They show sympathy and sensitivity and feel what the other person is feeling. Helps : This person is always wanting to lend a hand to those in need. They have an ability to pick out people that are in a spiritual battle or are struggling with doubt and assist them on their journey.

I just took my own spiritual test on My spiritual gift was Mercy!

When I think about my life, I really think that this gift was developed by the hard things that I've been through. The reason I am able to cry with others and feel with others is strictly because I've been through more than what a normal person would have gone through. I am able to relate to others on a deeper level because I really do feel their pain. I appreciate that the Lord allowed me to experience pain because now I am able to exercise my own gift by relating and sympathizing with others.

I am going to continually put my gift into practice by reaching out to the hurting and walking closely with people that are hurting.

What is your spiritual gift? How was it given to you? What can you do to continually put it into practice?

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