6 Years Old- My Salvation Birthday!

It's hard to believe that six years ago I met Jesus for the first time. I had been a Catholic most of my life, heavily involved in the church as an alter server. As I got older and life began to change, religion didn't seem to do much for me. I wandered really far from God. Many times, I claimed that the stories in the Bible were just a myth and that anybody would be able to get to heaven as long as they are a "good person". My beliefs stemmed from my own heart. I based them off of whatever felt good at the time. I'm so glad that God told me I was wrong and breathed life into my dry bones.

I've learned so much since I surrendered to the Father. I want to share specifically six things that I learned during the six years I've been saved.

God Will Break You To Make You

A lot of times God will remove people and things from your life the same way a parent will remove too much candy from their child’s mouth. It won’t feel good. It’ll suck. But He’s caring for us, and in the end, we’ll be better for it. Do you know that song, "God Who Moves The Mountains?" I have been listening to it consistently and the other day, the Lord whispered to my heart... "Yes, I can move the mountains. But sometimes I don't move them. I want you to climb the mountains instead". And it's true. God's will isn't always to remove the obstacles from your life but rather to have you learn from them. Remember that.

Miracles Are Still Relevant For Today

God still shows up in profound ways in my life. Ways that make me literally lay flat on my floor in awe and wonder how so many people live without a relationship with God. Ask Him to blow your mind today and He will!!! Want to hear how He blew mine today? I was praying in my car on the way to a meeting, asking Him to show up in a profound way. While listening to a Hillsong Playlist on Spotify, a song by Bethel came on. This was odd, since Bethel wasn't supposed to be playing in the first place. Once my confusion passed and my ears finally started to listen, I realized what song was playing. I had listened to the song on repeat the year I got saved, and it got me so on fire. I would put on my pj's and dance like crazy with it on in my room. Then I totally forgot about it and hadn't heard about it since. God was wooing and pursuing me all over again! It's called Deep Cries Out!

Expose Sin In Order To Win

Darkness cannot coincide with light. If you’re struggling with something, confess it. Face it. Only then will you start on the path to freedom. Go to the cross first, but always invite accountability to walk through the journey with you.

Certain Seasons Bring More Questions Than Answers

When I enter a new phase in life, I always get so excited for what God is going to do... but He sometimes just wants to bring me to the wilderness where all I can rely on is Him and not on my own understanding. Marriage has taught me this the most. I thought this covenant would bring me a lot of clarity on who I am, but it has just left me with more confusion. This isn't a bad thing. It just has made me seek God so much more.

People Are Going To Fail You

Even the ones that you think won’t, they will. Every single thing or person other than God is just a broken cistern. Stop putting your worth and hope in others. Only Jesus.

He Is Radically In Love With His Daughters

THIS. IS. EVERYTHING!!!! God is not your earthly father. God doesn’t play games. God doesn’t hold things over our heads. God isn’t in a rush. God isn’t hurtful. God doesn’t leave us to go find something better. He’s just THERE. Rejoicing over us with singing. Breathing life into our weary souls!!!!!

These are just six of the lessons I have learned since becoming a Christian and I am excited to continue to fall more in love with Him as the years go on!!!!

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