Dear Lust, You Can't Have Me

Dear Lust,

We have had a long run together, but I'm confident in saying this relationship is over. My marriage doesn't have room for you and neither does my calling.

You promised me fulfillment and all I received was emptiness. You promised me companionship and all I received was loneliness. You promised me happiness and all I received was a heart filled with guilt.

You've been a horrible friend.

Sometimes I blame myself for even allowing this friendship to come to fruition, but then I remind myself of the age I was when we were introduced.

You sneak into the hearts of middle schoolers through curiosity on a computer screen and you whisper into their minds "just one more click. just one more look." They, we, didn't know that you were just bait sitting on a sharp hook.

You started off as a small seed, but soon you grew to be vines and weeds around my soul.

I couldn't see clearly anymore. You clouded my perspective, you distorted my judgement, and you confused my view on love. You infested every part of my life with false affirmations. I truly believed I was unclean, unworthy, and condemned in my sin.

No matter how hard I tried to escape you, I never had any luck. I could never muster up enough strength to truly be rid of you... but finally, I have found your weakness.

The acceptance and love that I experienced in Christ renders you powerless.

All I have to do is say "In Jesus' name, I'm covered with the blood"... and you? You flee like the little coward that you truly are.

You may try to still creep up and remind me of my past, but I find no shame there anymore. I just find a beautiful and abundant amount of grace.

You may have won some battles along the way, but I found out how to win this war.

Thanks to Exodus 14:14, I'm surrounded by a God who encourages me to be still while He goes out to fight my enemies for me. And if He defeated the grave, defeating you will be a piece of cake.

Lust, you can't have me anymore.

Why? It's because I'm taken whole heartily by the Creator of the world and I refuse to ever go back and serve anything less.

You were like eating from the dumpster and Jesus is like eating a steak. There is no comparison between you two.

Next time you try to devour me, know that all of your efforts will be in vain.

Oh, and if you are trying to keep other girls silent about their struggles with you and taunt them until they're miserable, just know that I serve a God that hears my prayers. And I will be praying that they will take a bold stand like I did and kick you in your metaphorical teeth.

I will be praying that they let go of everything you've said to them and that they grab ahold of every word from Christ.

You're in big trouble.

So long,

Daughter of the King

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© 2020 by Jonni Nicole Parsons