About Us

Do you ever have a hard time evangelizing and striking up a conversation about the Gospel? Imagine if you had the ultimate icebreaker to help spread the love of God? At Sought After, the goal of our apparel is to make Christ known throughout the world.


Sought After clothing line is Christ-centered, functional and comfy apparel for men and women. Since 2017, I have been working on creating clothes and accessories that are inspired by significant places of the Bible. The whole point of this clothing line is to create a bridge to make sharing the Good News easier. And trust me, whenever people wear these products out in public, they don't have to look for opportunities to spread His word... The opportunities present themselves to them.

Every piece is thoughtfully designed by our small team in Boston and we are proud to say that we never compromise on fit, fabric, and careful detailing to ensure that each product upholds our signature versatility and durability. 

We're driven by community and our fire for Christ, so a percentage of the proceeds will go towards buying people Bibles and local ministries.